Recipes with wine pairings for every wine lover

  • Creamy Custard Dessert
    A palate pleaser — that is what this creamy vegan custard dessert is all about. Rich and decadent that will cut through a heavy savory recipe. A homemade custard with a crunchy topping that you can serve as a delicious dessert for the holidays or any other day. Open a bottle of sweet wine to pair with this velvety custard.
  • Lamb and Pine Nuts Savory Pies
    You must try this easy lamb recipe as a savory pie. A new way to turn humble ground lamb into a tasty appetizer that everyone will love! A lamb and pine nuts mini pie recipe that you can serve with a delicious bottle of red wine.
  • Crusty Herb Bread
    This herb bread recipe is great as a tasty snack. You can also pair this yeasted bread recipe with your favorite vegetarian soups. A bread that you can savor with a dry red wine.

Family Meal

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family meal

Join me each month while I challenge myself to take inspiration from different cultures, cuisines and wines to cook feasts that make my friends say wow!


Family Meal is about exploring food from different places and different times to understand how people make awesome food with what they have.

For our first season, we are cooking from vintage African-American cookbooks.

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