Month: January 2020

Keto Baked Egg Cups

Keto Baked Egg Cups

The Champagne Guide says baked eggs and bacon pair well with bubbly. Tired of the same breakfast or brunch recipes using eggs? Worry no more, as this brunch eggs recipe is the solution. It’s the best brunch idea for an easy eggs and bacon recipe. This is also a perfect breakfast for kids who are up for a new recipe in the morning. This is the best eggs recipe for breakfast or brunch.

Ginger and Sesame Salmon

Asian Ginger and Sesame Salmon

Valentines is just a few weeks away and need some advice for some dinner date ideas. Here is the best baked salmon recipe for a perfect date night. Impress your lover with this Asian baked salmon full of aroma and flavor. If you are a salmon lover then this healthy salmon dinner is for you. In less than one hour you can arrange amazingly good food for a date night on valentines.

Baked White fish

Baked White Fish

Looking for the perfect rosé wine pairing? Then this recipe for fish is perfect for you. A quick seafood recipe that will amaze your partner. This is a twist on the traditional baked cod fish recipe, adding an Asian twist but retaining the juiciness and the flavor of the fish. This is a truly delicious recipe. This is one of the best seafood recipes you can make at home and in just 20 minutes.

mussels with cheese and garlic

Baked Mussels with Cheese And Garlic

Looking out for some new seafood dinner ideas? This recipe combines garlic and cheese and is one of the best seafood recipes you will ever cook. This seafood recipe is good one for those who are always on the go. If you want an amazingly good food recipe to serve your friends, this is the perfect quick seafood recipe for you. It is also a recipe for lunch.

Middle Eastern Hummus and Cucumbers

Middle Eastern Homemade Hummus and Cucumbers

Thinking about a hummus snack idea? A cool way to start a party is with this healthy homemade hummus cucumber bite recipe. A healthy finger food appetizer that is easy to make and is a crowd-pleaser. This is the best healthy appetizer to make and to pair with white wine. This is how to make hummus with no fuss as it can be done within 20 minutes. It can be served as a snack and appetizer for parties and events.

pork stroganoff

Russian Pork Stroganoff

A spinoff on a mushroom stroganoff recipe that the family will love. This is an elevated version of a recipe using cream, in this case, creme fraiche. The sourness and the high-fat content adds a dimension of flavor to this recipe for pork tenderloin. This easy stroganoff recipe makes for an amazingly good lunch for the family. This recipe using pork is a twist on the classic beef stroganoff recipe. Using shitake mushrooms also adds an Asian twist. This is also a good dinner food recipe that can be paired with wines.

duck curry

Thai Duck Curry

Simple and easy red coconut curry is amazingly good food. This easy duck recipe is a game changer for your red coconut curry arsenal. The addition of duck adds a depth of flavor when compared to the ordinary chicken curry recipe. This is the best duck recipe that you’ll turn to for cooking lunch or even if you are looking for dinner food recipes. Your family will be amazed by this tasty and flavorful dish.