Month: May 2020

Chicken Katsu in Honey Glaze

Chicken Katsu in Honey Glaze

This chicken katsu recipe is so simple to make at home. A crisp yet tender fried chicken recipe with a perfect, sweet, and salty glaze. It will surely capture the hearts of the entire family. This honey glazed chicken is finger-licking’ good! This delicious katsu recipe is a unique version of classic chicken katsu, with a combination of sweet and citrusy flavors fused into one glaze! A perfect white wine pairing.

Creme Brulee & Vegan Chocolate

Creme Brulee & Vegan Chocolate

This Creme brulee recipe is a creamy, pudding-like custard with a brittle top of melted sugar that cracks when you gently tap it with a spoon. A palate pleaser to end a great savory meal. Rich yet delicate version of a classic creme brulee. A vegan-friendly version of a classic French dessert. A velvety and creamy white chocolate creme bruleé to try with your family. A luscious dessert idea to end a savory meal with a bottle of delicious sweet wine.

Curry Noodles – A Vegan Stir-Fry!

Curry Noodles – A Vegan Stir-Fry!

These hearty curry noodles are ready in a jiffy! A Singapore-style curry noodle recipe is a perfect choice for an inspirational Asian noodles recipes. This curry stir-fried noodles recipe includes a bunch of fresh flavors. A delicious vegan recipe you can try with the entire family. Simple Cooking is what’s needed some days. This simple recipe combines the flavors of Indian and Thai and is filled with mouthwatering curried vegan noodles.

Easy Stuffed Chicken Galantine

Easy Stuffed Chicken Galantine

A juicy chicken galantine with an umami-filled meat stuffing that can be paired with a flavorful gravy, and creamy mashed potatoes. Making this delicious roasted chicken galantine at home is easier than you think. An elevated roasted chicken recipe, perfect to start your weekday lunch and dinner. This easy galantine recipe is easy enough for home cooks but tasty enough to be served in a restaurant. You can pair this roasted galantine recipe with a bottle of rich white wines.

Stewed Cabbage with Homemade Sausage

Stewed Cabbage with Sausage

A delicious stewed cabbage recipe with homemade sausage is the perfect lunch and dinner recipe. A super versatile sausage is a smart choice for a mouthwatering and quick meal. Stewed cabbage and homemade sausage are quick and easy to cook and perfect for a larger family-style dinner. This recipe is perfect for busy weeknights with a bottle of medium-bodied red wine. Discover a new world of cabbage stew with a delicious sausage recipe.

Berry Sarabande — A Delicious Dessert

Berry Sarabande – A Delicious Dessert

Looking for a delicious dessert recipe? Check out this Berry Sarabande recipe. A mouthwatering Berry Sarabande is a sweet ending to a pleasant meal. Berries in cream are a lovely spring dish — creamy, a bit tart, and a very appetizing dessert recipe. A Super easy berry and cream dessert that can be made without any fuss. A dessert that is a great sweet wine pairing. Check out our website for a list of the wines to drink with this dessert.

Codfish Hash — an Excellent Hash Recipe

Codfish Hash — A Brunch Recipe

Tuck into this fantastic cod recipe. Tender cod fillets boiled and added to potatoes and veggies. A unique and delicious hash recipe that makes a perfect gourmet side or even an entreé to an excellent dining experience. This combination of amazing tastes will become a staple in your repertoire. Cod’s mild flavor makes it perfect for a mouthwatering brunch recipe that everyone loves.

Get a tropical vibe from this pineapple bread, a perfect morning or afternoon snack for all ages. A yeastless bread recipe with a crunchy walnuts and coconut as a yummy dessert or treat. Bring out some wine glasses, open a bottle of sweet wine, and enjoy this mouthwatering pineapple dessert!

Saucy Mongolian Beef Stir-Fry

Try this delicious Mongolian beef recipe! This is the easiest way to have a flavorful and mouthwatering restaurant-style dinner at home. This easy beef recipe is a take-out classic. Grab your chopsticks, a bowl of chow mein, and dig in! This easy Mongolian Beef recipe is better than take-out. A perfectly cooked beef slice flavored with garlic and ginger is the best thing you can offer for a weeknight dinner or a great lunch with the family. A sweet and savory beef dish that can be savored with full-bodied red wines.

Homemade Cornbread – The Ultimate Recipe!

If you like sweet homemade cornbread recipe, this is for you! You can recreate this deliciously sweet and moist buttermilk cornbread recipe with just a few ingredients. A quick bread recipe that can be paired with sweet wines. This easy bread can be great afternoon snack ideas for your kids.