Amazing One-Pot Lamb Stew

Amazing One-Pot Lamb Stew

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This slow-cooked lamb recipe is packed with umami flavors that you can’t resist trying.

When it comes to cooking lamb, shoulder probably isn’t the cut you’d think of first. But inexpensive cuts like lamb shoulder are the unsung heroes of the butcher case. They’re cheaper than other cuts and extremely rich in flavor.

Some people are a bit afraid of lamb. For them, it’s too gamey. The key to fixing this problem  is to cook it low and slow. This recipe is just that kind of lamb recipe. Share it with your lamb skeptical friends.

You can also add spices such as star anise, or five-spice or allspice to deal with the gamey flavor of the lamb and add more depth of flavor. A teaspoon of chili flakes will add just a hint of heat.

This slow cooked lamb stew recipe is perfect for pairing with full-bodied red wine. Here are our top picks:

* Bordeaux
* Malbec
* Petite Sirah
* Meritage

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The Four Graces Pinot Blanc 2018


The Four Graces Pinot Blanc 2019


Joseph Cattin Pinot Blanc 2017


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