Salmon with Sunflower-dill Pesto Sauce

Baked Salmon with Sunflower-Dill Pesto Sauce

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Wine Pairing​

A good baked salmon recipe with creamy pesto sauce. This salmon recipe is big on flavor and packed with goodness of seeds and herbs.

The rich steak-like texture and flakiness of salmon really shines with this preparation.

The result is a rich steak-like salmon with a hint of sweetness to the meat.

This recipe is a perfect pairing for rosé or light bodied white wines.

A scrumptious yet healthy and tasty baked salmon recipe to make.

If you’re looking for a tasty addition, add some lemon thyme to the pesto. It’s citrus flavor is a great accompaniment to this dish.

Try pairing the salmon recipe with:

  • Garnacha/Grenache Rosé
  • Bolder Rosé Wines
  • Lambrusco (especially rosé)

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