madeira braised pork roast recipe

Braised Pork Roast in Madeira

This roast recipe is from the Malinda Russell inspired Family Meal. Read about her take on a roasted pig entreé. The rest of her story is quite powerful as well. This will be your inspiration as you prepare this dish.

When I made this dish, I used pork belly. But, any fatty cut would work well. Try a shoulder or butt roast in this recipe.

Wine Pairing

Since this recipe uses Madeira, it’s the perfect accompaniment. It’s great with slow-cooked and umami-filled dishes like a pork roast. The way I like to enjoy Madeira is much like you’d enjoy a young brandy. This is not a young, fresh, bouncy wine. This wine has been heated and allowed to slowly oxidize in barrels. This creates a richer character that has a lot in common with aged spirits.

We enjoyed them with Blandy’s 5 Year Malmsey Madeira and Justino Henriques Rainwater Madeira. But, sherry would also be nice in this dish.

Here are a few suggestions of bottles to enjoy with this dish.

Henriques & Henriques Malvasia 10 Years Old Madeira U.V.


Deep amber color with greenish lava this Is an intense wine with aromas of nuts honey and wood. Full and soft body has a complex palate. Dried fruits especially raisins coffee and caramel. Fresh and rich with a very long finish.

Blandy's 15 Year Old Malmsey Madeira (Rich) N.V.


Clear dark golden brown with very strong legs. Characteristic bouquet with complex dried fruits and wood toffee and vanilla. Sweet smooth full bodied complex and a long finish of nuts and dark chocolate.

Blandy's 10 Years Old Malmsey Madeira (Rich) N.V.


The palate is very well-balanced with a viscous entry that lacquers the mouth. The acidity is very well-judged lending the finish a sense of poise and tension that neatly counterbalances the richness and precocity.

Do you want a more personalized wine recommendation? Use Winosity’s wine recommendation engine and wine journal app to find a wine that suits you.

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