Alsacian Pinot Gris Wine and Food Pairing

Alsacian Pinot Gris is full-bodied, with a flavorful bouquet of lime, meyer lemon, green apple, pear, and white peach. Pinot Gris bottles and drinks as a white wine, but it originate from red grapes.  This category gives a wider range of recipes that you can pair with this delicious wine from Alsace France. Check this category for more food and wine pairing!

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Berry Sarabande — A Delicious Dessert

Berry Sarabande – A Delicious Dessert

Looking for a delicious dessert recipe? Check out this Berry Sarabande recipe. A mouthwatering Berry Sarabande is a sweet ending to a pleasant meal. Berries in cream are a lovely spring dish — creamy, a bit tart, and a very appetizing dessert recipe. A Super easy berry and cream dessert that can be made without any fuss. A dessert that is a great sweet wine pairing. Check out our website for a list of the wines to drink with this dessert.

Homemade Cornbread – The Ultimate Recipe!

If you like sweet homemade cornbread recipe, this is for you! You can recreate this deliciously sweet and moist buttermilk cornbread recipe with just a few ingredients. A quick bread recipe that can be paired with sweet wines. This easy bread can be great afternoon snack ideas for your kids.