Cinsault Wine Pairing

This Cinsault Wine Pairing category gives you a list that pairs so well with the cinsault wine. The recipes are easy to follow and can be reproduced by homecooks to add in their reportoire of recipes for future use. Each recipe contains a wine pairing suggestion.


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everyday pizza dough

Deep Dish Chicken Pizza Pie

This recipe is from the Curtis Aikens episode of Family Meal. Check out the rest of the recipes and wine pairings for that episode. The pizza dough recipe you can use for this dish is here. Wine Pairing with Deep Dish Chicken Pizza Pie Line 39 Pinot Noir Dark Cherry, vanilla bean, pomegranate, red licorice …

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red gravy

Savory Baked Red Gravy

This recipe is from the Leah Chase episode of Family Meal. Check out the rest of the recipes and wine pairings for that episode here. Wine Pairing for Red Gravy You will want a fresh red wine with this baked tomato sauce. Here’s our suggestion:

lamb meatballs

Succulent Lamb Meatballs

These lamb meatballs are perhaps the juiciest I’ve had in my life. The spice mix is also delicious. This is good for parties or a weeknight. It pairs wonderfully with big wines, such as a peppery Chinon.

madeira braised pork 683x1024 1

Braised Pork Roast in Madeira

This luscious pork roast recipe is a great entreé for any meal. It’s a true celebration dish. Pairs well with oxidized and aged wines like Madeira.

Low Carb Lasagna Recipe

Low Carb Lasagna Recipe

A low-carb lasagna recipe perfect for those who are following a strict low carb diet. This healthy, gluten-free recipe for lasagna is an excellent choice to chop some carbs out of your diet. A delicious lasagna recipe that is a perfect afternoon snack idea and can be savored with a bottle of red wine.

Southern Ham Biscuits

Southern Ham Biscuits

It’s pretty customary to start a meal with bread, right? But, how often do you get fresh homemade biscuits at the beginning of a family meal? Let alone a recipe for biscuits with ham. There is nothing better than warm, tender homemade buttered biscuits with ham bits. The best appetizer to pair with the best light red wines.

Homemade Vegetable Soup

Homemade Vegetable Soup

A soul-soothing bowl of delicious homemade vegetable soup, perfect for a luncheon-style family meal. This is the best soup recipe with a tasty pork stock that is worth a try. Soup and bread are the most classic flavor pairings. A delicious brothy soup recipe that can pair with the best light red wines.