Cotes du Rhone Wine Pairing

This cotes du rhone wine pairing category gives you a list of recipes you can savor with this delicious wine. Each recipe includes a great wine pairing suggestion. The recipe cards includes ingredient suggestions if one ingredient is not available in the area. Check this category for more information!


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lamb meatballs

Succulent Lamb Meatballs

These lamb meatballs are perhaps the juiciest I’ve had in my life. The spice mix is also delicious. This is good for parties or a weeknight. It pairs wonderfully with big wines, such as a peppery Chinon.

Stewed Cabbage with Homemade Sausage

Stewed Cabbage with Sausage

A delicious stewed cabbage recipe with homemade sausage is the perfect lunch and dinner recipe. A super versatile sausage is a smart choice for a mouthwatering and quick meal. Stewed cabbage and homemade sausage are quick and easy to cook and perfect for a larger family-style dinner. This recipe is perfect for busy weeknights with a bottle of medium-bodied red wine. Discover a new world of cabbage stew with a delicious sausage recipe.

Perfectly Smoked Pork Ribs

Smoked Pork Ribs — The Perfect Recipe!

The best-smoked pork ribs that you can make at home. Learn how to smoke pork ribs with the best barbecue sauce. A rack of perfectly smoked barbecue pork ribs is great on a warm night. Try this easy and no-fuss recipe for the most mouthwatering smoked pork ribs. An insanely delicious, juicy, and tender smoked pork rib re that will surely captivate the hearts of your guest. An excellent choice to pair with medium-bodied red wine!