Counoise Wine Pairing

This Counoise Wine Pairing category gives you a list of recipes you can savor with this delicious wine. Each recipe includes a great wine pairing suggestion. The recipe cards includes ingredient suggestions if one ingredient is not available in the area. Check this category for more information!

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Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

A dinner pasta idea with a delicious creamy mushroom sauce that is a perfect addition to your family meal recipe repertoire. You can serve this creamy garlic penne pasta recipe as a lunch, afternoon snack, or a dinner meal for the family. A delicious pasta recipe that can be paired with light red wines.

Delicious Mexican Burrito

Delicious Mexican Burrito — Easiest Recipe in Town!

An everyday pork burrito, a perfect treat for the whole family. Stuffed with perfectly seasoned pork, rice, and bean mixture. Enjoy this delectable Mexican food dish right in the comforts of your home. This delicious pork burrito recipe takes less than an hour to make. These mouthwatering pork burritos taste even better than what you can get fast food Mexican restaurants. A meaty and spicy pork burrito is the perfect family dinner. These easy-to-prepare burritos are the best way to end your workweek.

Crispy Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls – A Vietnamese Style Fried Roll

This Vietnamese spring rolls recipe is an appetizer recipe using ground beef as one of the main component of the filling. This spring roll idea is then deep fried to perfection. These easy Vietnamese Spring Rolls are so good that you can pair them with the best red wines for an exquisite dining experience. A tasty appetizer for the whole family