Crement Wine Pairing

This crement wine pairing category gives you a list of recipes you can savor with this delicious wine. Each recipe includes a great wine pairing suggestion. The recipe cards includes ingredient suggestions if one ingredient is not available in the area. Check this category for more information!

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orange cream

Preserved Orange Cream

This recipe is great in a cookie such as this butter cookie with marjoram. But, you can use it with any sweets recipe. Try it in a swiss roll, a cupcake or in a layer cake.

seasoned salt

Seasoned Salts

Seasoned salts are easy to make, last a long time and add a touch of class to your next gathering.

savory fried donut

Savory Fried Donut

A fried donut recipe that will satisfy your cravings for a crunchfest. They are like a cross between a pretzel and a donut. You’ll love them. Serve with sparkling wine.

Clotted Cream Recipe

Clotted Cream Recipe

This delicious clotted cream recipe is a perfect topping on any kind of delectable dessert — from cakes to pie recipes. Add this clotted cream to a sweet candy praline to make it a really good dessert — for an awesome family meal and it pairs well with sweet and sparkling wines.

Creamy Pepper Sauce with Papaya

Creamy Pepper Sauce with Papaya

A creamy pepper sauce recipe that’s great for cornmeal fritters and other deep fried food. An appetizer dip with a delicious combination of Japanese peppers and ripe papaya. Make sure to open a bottle of chilled sparkling wine to pair with this homemade sauce recipe to counterbalance the spiciness.

Crisp Praline Recipe

Crisp Praline Recipe

A great way to end a delicious family meal is to prepare a delicious dessert — a Praline recipe. A decadent dessert that has a balance of flavor coming from melegueta peppercorns, papaya leather, and pumpkin seeds. You can also serve this as a tasty snack. This sweet candy pairs so well with sweet and sparkling wines.

Cheesy Fried Cornmeal Fritters Recipe

Cheesy Fried Cornmeal Fritters Recipe

This fried cornmeal fritters recipe is a perfect snack and appetizer for the whole family. A tasty appetizer that you can prepare with only a few ingredients. You don’t need to spend a lot of time creating this crispy fried recipe. Make sure to open a bottle of chilled sparkling wine to pair with this appetizer recipe.

Smoked Cream Dip & Salsify Recipe

Smoked Cream & Salsify Dip Recipe

Everybody loves dip recipes, right? I think this recipe is a keeper. This dipping sauce recipe is smoky, a bit sour and creamy, and super tasty. A perfect dip for an afternoon snack idea or starter for your family meal. A perfect dip for bread and can be savored with sparkling wines.

berry shrub

Berry Shrub – The Perfect Thirst Quencher

This perfect berry shrub recipe is a sweet and yet acidic mixer that’s traditionally enjoyed as a component of a cocktail. This easy berry shrub is worth trying in a great sparkling wine cocktail. This simple berry shrub is deliciously bright and can elevate your wine tasting experience with your family and friends. A great mixer recipe to try with sparkling wines.

Minty Blueberry Cocktail

Minty Blueberry Cocktail

A mix of blueberry and mango with a minty flavor, a perfect wine cocktail recipe. This is the best cocktail recipe to those who wants to enjoy new kind of wine cocktail. This recipe using wine is a refreshing and new way of enjoying your regular blueberry and mango juice mix. This recipe with fresh blueberries and mangoes will be surely be a great hit! This sparkling wine cocktail is versatile and pairs with herbaceous and fresh dishes. This cocktail is great when paired with the best sparkling wine.