Curry Recipes

This category gives you a list of curry recipes you can try at the comforts of your home. The recipes are equipped with wine pairing suggestions that you can try to counter balance the spices from the curry. Each recipe card contains ingredient suggestion if you need to substitute a couple of ingredients in the recipe. Check this category for more information.


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Delish Sweet Potato Curry

Delish Sweet Potato Curry

This is the best sweet potato curry recipe with an amazing flavor profile. A healthy curry recipe to try! A plant-based and meatless vegetarian curry for a healthy lunch or dinner alternative. Packed with flavors and spices, this Indian-style one-pot meal is a perfect pairing with the best red wines.

Curry Noodles – A Vegan Stir-Fry!

Curry Noodles – A Vegan Stir-Fry!

These hearty curry noodles are ready in a jiffy! A Singapore-style curry noodle recipe is a perfect choice for an inspirational Asian noodles recipes. This curry stir-fried noodles recipe includes a bunch of fresh flavors. A delicious vegan recipe you can try with the entire family. Simple Cooking is what’s needed some days. This simple recipe combines the flavors of Indian and Thai and is filled with mouthwatering curried vegan noodles.

Curried Lamb

Curried Lamb Recipe

Wondering how to cook lamb in a new way? This recipe is perfect for those adventurous people who want to try a new and exciting flavor profile. This recipe is for lunch and dinner and can be a great meal idea for the family. It is an easy dish that is easy to prepare. A yummy meal idea that is perfect for events and parties as well.

duck curry

Thai Duck Curry

Simple and easy red coconut curry is amazingly good food. This easy duck recipe is a game changer for your red coconut curry arsenal. The addition of duck adds a depth of flavor when compared to the ordinary chicken curry recipe. This is the best duck recipe that you’ll turn to for cooking lunch or even if you are looking for dinner food recipes. Your family will be amazed by this tasty and flavorful dish.