Full-Bodied Red Wine

Looking for a delicious full-bodied red wine that you can pair with your recipes? This food and wine pairing category gives a wide range of recipes that you can pair with this delicious wine. Check this category for more food and wine pairing!


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Easy Mushroom Patty

Easy Mushroom Patty

This easy vegetarian recipe is the best simple mushroom recipe you’ll ever find. A healthy burger patty that is packed with flavors and savory umami. This healthy alternative to the classic meat burger patty is a vegan-friendly dish. They are healthy snacks and appetizers or part of a stand-alone lunch and dinner meal. This easy burger patty recipe is best paired with red wine.

Amazing One-Pot Lamb Stew

Amazing One-Pot Lamb Stew

Looking for a one-pot meal that is good for lunch and dinner? Worry no more as this is the best lamb shoulder recipe that you can serve to the whole family. This slow-cooked lamb recipe is packed with umami flavors that you can’t resist trying. This is a perfect meal idea for the family, for friends, for events and parties and even Sunday gatherings.

Zesty Chicken Braised in Red Wine

Chicken Breast Braised in Red Wine

A simple dinner recipe for those couples who love red wine. This easy chicken and red wine recipe is a twist on the French dish Coq Au Vin that uses burgundy red wine. This time, the star of this recipe is chicken breast. Chicken breast is sometimes dry, but not when braised in liquid. It has a full umami flavor that works well with the acidity of red wine. This budget-friendly meal can be served for lunch and dinner and can be a game-changer for events and parties. Check out this chicken recipe using red wine.

Curried Lamb

Curried Lamb Recipe

Wondering how to cook lamb in a new way? This recipe is perfect for those adventurous people who want to try a new and exciting flavor profile. This recipe is for lunch and dinner and can be a great meal idea for the family. It is an easy dish that is easy to prepare. A yummy meal idea that is perfect for events and parties as well.

pork stroganoff

Russian Pork Stroganoff

A spinoff on a mushroom stroganoff recipe that the family will love. This is an elevated version of a recipe using cream, in this case, creme fraiche. The sourness and the high-fat content adds a dimension of flavor to this recipe for pork tenderloin. This easy stroganoff recipe makes for an amazingly good lunch for the family. This recipe using pork is a twist on the classic beef stroganoff recipe. Using shitake mushrooms also adds an Asian twist. This is also a good dinner food recipe that can be paired with wines.

duck curry

Thai Duck Curry

Simple and easy red coconut curry is amazingly good food. This easy duck recipe is a game changer for your red coconut curry arsenal. The addition of duck adds a depth of flavor when compared to the ordinary chicken curry recipe. This is the best duck recipe that you’ll turn to for cooking lunch or even if you are looking for dinner food recipes. Your family will be amazed by this tasty and flavorful dish.