Grenache Food Pairing

Looking for grenache food pairing? This category gives you a list of recipes that pairs so well with grenache wine. Each recipe card contains comprehensive instructions that are easy to follow by homecooks. Check this category for more information.


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red gravy

Savory Baked Red Gravy

This recipe is from the Leah Chase episode of Family Meal. Check out the rest of the recipes and wine pairings for that episode here. Wine Pairing for Red Gravy You will want a fresh red wine with this baked tomato sauce. Here’s our suggestion:

lamb meatballs

Succulent Lamb Meatballs

These lamb meatballs are perhaps the juiciest I’ve had in my life. The spice mix is also delicious. This is good for parties or a weeknight. It pairs wonderfully with big wines, such as a peppery Chinon.

madeira braised pork 683x1024 1

Braised Pork Roast in Madeira

This luscious pork roast recipe is a great entreé for any meal. It’s a true celebration dish. Pairs well with oxidized and aged wines like Madeira.

chicken liver pate recipe

Creamy Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

This chicken liver recipe is the perfect snack for a wine party. It uses Madeira in the recipe, but pairs nicely with light red wines.

Delicious Eggs and Tomato Casserole

Eggs and Tomato Casserole

Looking for an easy breakfast casserole that can warm-up your mornings? Then, this eggs and tomato recipe is the perfect dish to make as a breakfast or a simple brunch idea. Whether you want it in the morning or not, this tasty casserole recipe is an excellent light red wine pairing if you want to make it fancier.

Sweet Char Siu Pork Recipe

Sweet Char Siu Pork Recipe

Sweet and tangy — that is what a delicious char siu pork recipe should taste like! Chinese-style barbequed pork — which you can serve for lunch and dinner and will excite your guests. You must satisfy your cravings by preparing this Asian-style pork bbq! Savor this delicious roast meat recipe with a good bottle of red wine!

Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

Easy Homemade Pasta Sauce

Bring out the inner chef in you by creating this easy homemade pasta sauce recipe. Who needs packs of tomato sauce when you can make this tomato sauce recipe from scratch. A homemade sauce recipe to add to your delicious pasta dish. You can add a good bottle of red wine to this fresh tomato recipe for an intense flavor profile.

Black Bean & BBQ Chicken Nachos

Black Bean & BBQ Chicken Nachos

A perfect nachos recipe for any occasion. With simple tweaks, you can make these delicious BBQ chicken nachos on a weeknight for your friends and family. These baked nachos can be prepared in under 30 minutes. A homemade nachos recipe that you can whip up on a fine afternoon. You can savor these loaded nachos with some red wine as a refreshing drink.

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

A fan of Korean cuisine? Then, you must try this kimchi fried rice recipe for your next family meal! A delicious all-in-one dinner recipe that you can whip up in less than 30 minutes! This quick kimchi recipe can be paired with light red wines.

Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

Pasta with Creamy Mushroom Sauce

A dinner pasta idea with a delicious creamy mushroom sauce that is a perfect addition to your family meal recipe repertoire. You can serve this creamy garlic penne pasta recipe as a lunch, afternoon snack, or a dinner meal for the family. A delicious pasta recipe that can be paired with light red wines.