Lambrusco Wine Pairing

Looking for recipes that pairs so well with lambrusco wine? This Lambrusco Wine Pairing category gives you a list of recipes you can try at home without breaking a bank. Each recipe cards contains wine pairing suggestions that you can follow to complete a dining experience and to pair with the recipe that you have chosen. The recipes are easy to follow and perfect for those homecooks who wants to expand their knowledge on different recipes. Check this category for more information


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creamy carob cake recipe

Creamy Carob Cake Recipe

Creamy Carob Cake Recipe This cake is a delight. It’s based on a recipe by the “Queen of Creole Cuisine,” Leah Chase. We did a whole episode of Family Meal about her. You should check it out. Her version of this recipe used Bailey’s Irish Cream. But, this recipe uses a carob cream that’s a …

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Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

Moist Chocolate Cupcakes

This super moist easy cupcake recipe will surely be a hit. It is the perfect cupcake for your parties and events. Made from simple ingredients, this easy chocolate cupcakes recipe will be your new favorite. Tired of using plain cupcakes, why not try a twist by adding a dark chocolate chips to make them the best chocolate cupcakes. This is how to make chocolate cupcakes that you’ll love.

Raspberry Tartlets

Raspberry Tartlets

This is a dessert for parties. It’s a simple, no fuss, easy tart recipe. An easy dessert idea for those who want to throw an on the spot party. These 30-minute mini tarts and pies can amuse your guest in an instant at your next party and event. This recipe will show you how to make tarts without using an oven.