Pinot Gris Food Pairing

Looking for recipes that pairs so well with pinot gris wine? This pinot gris food pairing category gives you a list of recipes you can try at home without breaking a bank. Each recipe cards contains wine pairing suggestions that you can follow to complete a dining experience and to pair with the recipe that you have chosen. The recipes are easy to follow and perfect for those homecooks who wants to expand their knowledge on different recipes. Check this category for more information.

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Steamed Clams in White Wine

Steamed Clams in White Wine

This dish uses white wine to level up your ordinary steamed clams. This quick seafood recipe is perfect for those couples who want an intimate dinner for their Valentine’s date night. This easy clam recipe is also perfect as a Sunday family lunch meal. A warm broth plus a hint of a herbaceous wine turns out to be one of the best seafood recipes you’ll ever make.

Seared Sea Bass with Bechamel Sauce

Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Bechamel Sauce

This fish recipe is easy for those people who are hungry and want to eat delicious food in no time. White fish in butter and herbs. A fish dinner that makes a great meal for a special dinner such as a Valentine’s date night. This easy sea bass recipe can be made in less than 15 minutes. It’s a great recipe for lunch and dinner. A great recipe for a family lunch meal that the kids will surely enjoy.