Duck Recipes

Duck is such a versatile ingredient. People are always intimidated on preparing  duck recipes at home. But worry no more! This category gives you a fantastic ideas on how to prepare duck meat at the comforts of your home. Each recipe card have wine pairing suggestion that you can follow and try to complete a dining experience without leaving the comforts of your home.

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Delicious Vegetable Stew with Duck and Seafood

Delicious Vegetable Stew with Duck and Seafood

A delicious vegetable stew recipe with a fried duck breast and a seafood boil! You can serve this delicious family meal for lunch and dinner. A crockpot stew that you can pair with chilled rosé wines.

Crispy Pan-Fried Duck Breast

Crispy Pan Fried Duck Breast

Looking for the best duck recipe for a delicious dinner idea? Worry no more, as this crispy duck recipe is a perfect choice for a family meal. An easy recipe for dinner that is packed with flavors and can be paired with the best red wines.

duck curry

Thai Duck Curry

Simple and easy red coconut curry is amazingly good food. This easy duck recipe is a game changer for your red coconut curry arsenal. The addition of duck adds a depth of flavor when compared to the ordinary chicken curry recipe. This is the best duck recipe that you’ll turn to for cooking lunch or even if you are looking for dinner food recipes. Your family will be amazed by this tasty and flavorful dish.