Snack Recipes

Looking for snack recipes? This category gives you a list of recipes you can try at home without breaking a bank. Each recipe cards contains wine pairing suggestions that you can follow to complete a dining experience and to pair with the recipe that you have chosen. The recipes are easy to follow and perfect for those homecooks who wants to expand their knowledge on different recipes. Check this category for more information.


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chicken liver pate recipe

Creamy Chicken Liver Pate Recipe

This chicken liver recipe is the perfect snack for a wine party. It uses Madeira in the recipe, but pairs nicely with light red wines.

orange cream

Preserved Orange Cream

This recipe is great in a cookie such as this butter cookie with marjoram. But, you can use it with any sweets recipe. Try it in a swiss roll, a cupcake or in a layer cake.

cookie plated cropped

Easy Marjoram Butter Cookies

These easy marjoram butter cookies feature… marjoram. Yes, marjoram. If you like rosemary butter cookies, you’ll love these cookies too. They are great with sweet white wine like Sauternes.

seasoned salt

Seasoned Salts

Seasoned salts are easy to make, last a long time and add a touch of class to your next gathering.

savory fried donut

Savory Fried Donut

A fried donut recipe that will satisfy your cravings for a crunchfest. They are like a cross between a pretzel and a donut. You’ll love them. Serve with sparkling wine.

Whole Wheat Bread Thins

Whole Wheat Bread Thins

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Deviled Ham Salad Sandwich

Deviled Ham Salad Sandwich

The afternoon must be celebrated with a delicious ham salad sandwich recipe. This southern-style homemade sandwich is a great addition to a family meal. You can serve this delicious sandwich as a light lunch and dinner and pair it with chilled rosé wine.

Wilted Spinach Salad with Avocado

Wilted Spinach Salad with Avocado

The wonderful flavors of chickpeas, tomatoes, healthy spinach, avocado slices fused into one delectable homemade salad. Everybody loves a wilted spinach salad recipe. It’s a tasty and diet friendly meal. This Mediterranean-style vegetable side dish is the perfect accompaniment to rich white wines!

Delicious Chicken Wraps with Couscous

Delicious Chicken Wraps with Couscous

This easy chicken wrap with couscous is a perfect way to end your day, with a light and nutritious meal. A healthy chicken recipe that you can add to your repertoire if you are on a strictly healthy low-calorie lunch and dinner regimen. The great way to savor this chicken tortilla wraps is to open a nice bottle of rosé wine as a refreshing drink.