Sparkling Wine Food Pairing

Looking for perfect recipes that are an excellent sparkling wine food pairing? This category gives you a list of recipes you can try at home without breaking a bank. Each recipe card contains wine pairing suggestions that you can follow to complete a dining experience and to pair with the recipe that you have chosen. The recipes are easy to follow and perfect for those home cooks who want to expand their knowledge of different recipes. Check this category for more information.

Gloria Ferrer Brut Rosé U.V.


It has brilliant salmon pink color with an effusive pinpoint mousse the rosé exudes aromas of fresh ripe strawberries rose petals and citrus blossoms along with white peach and bread dough nuances.

Coeur Clémentine La Pétillante Brut Rosé U.V.


Delicate and layered aromas of fresh berries and spring flowers.

J Vineyards Brut N.V.


Features fresh floral aromas mixed with soft notes of ripe pear baked apples and Meyer lemon. Beautifully concentrated fruit and five years of aging contribute to the depth of the mouth feel and its creamy mousse. Flavors of nectarine lime rind lemon and a kiss of minerality dominate the palate leading to a clean finish. The balanced acidity keeps it fresh while allowing a well-integrated structure to shine through.

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Smoked Cream Dip & Salsify Recipe

Smoked Cream & Salsify Dip Recipe

Everybody loves dip recipes, right? I think this recipe is a keeper. This dipping sauce recipe is smoky, a bit sour and creamy, and super tasty. A perfect dip for an afternoon snack idea or starter for your family meal. A perfect dip for bread and can be savored with sparkling wines.

Lobster Scrapple Recipe

Lobster Scrapple Recipe

This healthy meatloaf-style lobster scrapple recipe is a perfect family meal recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You just need some canned lobster and basic pantry staples to make this classic meatloaf recipe. This old fashioned, quick, and easy scrapple is a perfect sparkling wine pairing.

Sparkling Wine & Orange Cocktail

Sparkling Wine & Orange Cocktail

A fizzy combination using the best sparkling wine. This orange wine is absolutely delicious. A perfect orange cocktail to quench your thirst. A refreshing wine cocktail drink recipe that pairs so well with light dishes and snacks.

Greek Style Grilled Fish

Greek Style Grilled Fish

A great grilled fish recipe! Channel the Greek isles and grill it whole. A delicious fish recipe that can raise a simple dining experience to an exquisite level. You’ll love this easy Mediterranean fresh fish recipe with lemon and oregano dressing. Serve this flaky and crispy fish recipe with amazing fixings! An easy Greek recipe that can be paired with the best sparkling wine.

berry shrub

Berry Shrub – The Perfect Thirst Quencher

This perfect berry shrub recipe is a sweet and yet acidic mixer that’s traditionally enjoyed as a component of a cocktail. This easy berry shrub is worth trying in a great sparkling wine cocktail. This simple berry shrub is deliciously bright and can elevate your wine tasting experience with your family and friends. A great mixer recipe to try with sparkling wines.

Baked Oysters and Spinach — Perfect Cheesy Appetizer

These mouthwatering baked oysters with a buttery and cheesy topping are the best thing you can make. These lovely oysters are baked to perfection. Impress your guests with this simple and tasty appetizer! These easy baked oysters are a simple appetizer with a great punch that will satisfy your cravings. This is a family favorite recipe where oysters and spinach are baked with 4 types of cheese. One of the best appetizer recipes to pair with sparkling wines.

baked cheese in ramekins

Baked Cheese in Ramekins — An Irresistible Appetizer

The best-baked cheese of your entire life! Who doesn’t love warm, gooey, and baked melty cheese? Here is a simple mouthwatering baked cheese in ramekins recipe. This low-carb baked cheese is salty, tangy, and flavorful. A quick and perfect appetizer for your wine tasting celebration. Decadent and delish melted cheese to satisfy your cravings.

Toast Points with Caviar

Toast Points with Caviar

A great way to start a good tasting menu is with a good Hors d’oeuvre. This easy and exquisite appetizer will set the bar high. A toast recipe that has a balanced combination of creamy and salty notes with a touch of fresh dill. An appetizer recipe that can be paired with sparkling wines. Serving caviar at parties or gatherings takes your event to the new level of sophistication.

Spicy Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

Spicy Raspberry Champagne Cocktail

A spiced wine cocktail recipe, a perfect treat for those who are adventurous and tired of the ordinary cocktail drink concoction. An easy and simple sparkling wine recipe that can be made in less than 10 minutes, simple yet a real bomb to the palate. A combination of raspberry and wine that is perfectly matched to set the mood of a cocktail party and events. Spice up your night with these great thirst quenchers.

Minty Blueberry Cocktail

Minty Blueberry Cocktail

A mix of blueberry and mango with a minty flavor, a perfect wine cocktail recipe. This is the best cocktail recipe to those who wants to enjoy new kind of wine cocktail. This recipe using wine is a refreshing and new way of enjoying your regular blueberry and mango juice mix. This recipe with fresh blueberries and mangoes will be surely be a great hit! This sparkling wine cocktail is versatile and pairs with herbaceous and fresh dishes. This cocktail is great when paired with the best sparkling wine.