Wine Cocktails

This wine cocktails category gives you a great list of cocktails that uses wine as a main ingredient. The cocktails are great for parties or home consumption to suprised your friends and family. Each recipe includes a wine pairing and food pairing suggestion that goes so well with the cocktail mix. Check this great cocktail category!


Minty Blueberry Cocktail

Minty Blueberry Cocktail

A mix of blueberry and mango with a minty flavor, a perfect wine cocktail recipe. This is the best cocktail recipe to those who wants to enjoy new kind of wine cocktail. This recipe using wine is a refreshing and new way of enjoying your regular blueberry and mango juice mix. This recipe with fresh blueberries and mangoes will be surely be a great hit! This sparkling wine cocktail is versatile and pairs with herbaceous and fresh dishes. This cocktail is great when paired with the best sparkling wine.

Boozy Blackberry Cocktail Drink

Boozy Blackberry Cocktail Drink

Is there any sweet cocktail drinks more refreshing than a wine cocktail recipe? A perfect summer drink to prepare for a family lunch and dinner gathering. Red wines are the perfect ingredient to create this delicious cocktail.

Lime & Herb Wine Cooler

Lime & Herb Wine Cooler Drink

Looking for a cocktail or drink for events? This is the best wine cocktail recipe as it uses herbs as a base. This cocktail is perfect for events and parties and also for Valentine’s day. It can be savored by friends or by couples who are looking for the perfect Valentine’s drink. You can also make this healthy cocktail mix by adding some cucumbers and carrots. This is a perfect drink for parties that you will surely enjoy.

Aperol Spritz - A New Year's Day Recipe

Homemade Aperol Spritz – A new year’s day recipe

This is a great homemade recipe from scratch for a champagne cocktail. We think it’s a great New Year’s day recipe. But, it’s great for New Year’s Eve as well. This craft cocktail recipe will impress your guests. This Italian-inspired spritzer is sweet, bitter and fruity. Try out this champagne mixed drink recipe today. You’ll love this wine cocktail recipe.

white wine drink recipe vermouth

Sweet Vermouth — The Ultimate White Wine Drink Recipe

This white wine drink recipe makes a great appertif before dinner. Sweet vermouth is a versatile cocktail drink. It includes chamomile flowers and many other herbs. Some vermouth recipes include hard to find herbs, but this is a new recipe. It only includes items that you can get at the local grocery store. This pin also includes some wine pairings with food for vermouth. If you like recipes with white wine, have a look here.

Homemade Spiked Lemonade Recipe

Homemade Spiked Lemonade Recipe

Check out this homemade lemonade recipe, a refreshing drink for your delicious dinner. A wine flavored lemonade recipe made with just five ingredients. A cool summer drink with a hint of delicious white wine.