Zinfandel Food Pairing

Looking for zinfandel food pairing that you can prepare at home? This category gives you a list of recipes you can try at home without breaking a bank. Each recipe cards contains wine pairing suggestions that you can follow to complete a dining experience and to pair with the recipe that you have chosen. The recipes are easy to follow and perfect for those homecooks who wants to expand their knowledge on different recipes. Check this category for more information.


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Mouthwatering Stewed Pork and Okra

Mouthwatering Stewed Pork and Okra

Being at home during these unique times, we need to maximize our food, and maximize our flavor. This easy pork recipe is a new way of introducing okra to your kids, a delicious pork stew with okra. Okra contains many nutrients that can give you the energy to stay feeling good and energized while at home. This dish has a “developed flavor.” That’s what you can get with this one-pot wonder meal, a perfect recipe for lunch or dinner that can be paired with red wines.

Meaty Mushroom-Stuffed Eggplant

Meaty Mushroom-Stuffed Eggplant Recipe

This middle-eastern recipe is packed with spices that can bring you to the Middle-East while still in the comfort of your own home. The combination of beef and mushroom creates a harmonious flavor profile that will quench your hunger in an instant. A perfect red wine pairing that can be served during lunch or dinner and a perfect meal idea for the family. This easy beef recipe can be prepared in less than half an hour.

Cheesy Pork Cordon Bleu

Cheesy Pork Cordon Bleu

This easy pork Cordon Bleu recipe is layered with pepperoni, cheese, and breadcrumbs. A delicious dinner idea to prepare for your kids who loves crispy fried food. This crispy pork tenderlion recipe is perfect for any kind of sauce you want. A fried dinner recipe that is perfect to pair with the best red wines.

Aromatic Beef Cacciatore

Aromatic Beef Cacciatore Recipe

Beef cacciatore is a sweet, tangy beef stew recipe perfect for a lunch and dinner meal. A no-fuss recipe and a one-pot meal idea that can be prepared in about 40 minutes. This is a perfect meal idea for the family that can be paired with wine if you want to elevate your dining experience. You can optionally remove the red wine as an ingredient and you can substitute a good tablespoon of lemon juice instead.

Easy Ratatouille Empanadas

Easy Ratatouille Empanadas Recipe

A healthy vegan meal that is perfect as a snack and appetizer. This vegetarian empanada idea is the best substitute for the regular meaty empanada and is packed with flavor and awesomeness. This vegan-friendly meal is one of the best fusion recipes that can be made in less than one hour, perfect as a starter recipe if you are having a family get together. A simple and no-fuss vegetarian food for the family.

Sweet and Garlicky Glazed Pork Chops

Sweet and Garlicky Glazed Pork Chops

If you are looking for a pork recipe for dinner then this is perfect for you. This budget-friendly meal is a taste of home for the whole family and your kids will love it. This easy pork recipe can be made in less than an hour and can be paired with your favorite red wines. This simple Asian dish has a sweet and garlicky note that is a game-changer for lunch and dinner. This is also a great recipe if you are having a potluck or a family get together.

Easy Mushroom Patty

Easy Mushroom Patty

This easy vegetarian recipe is the best simple mushroom recipe you’ll ever find. A healthy burger patty that is packed with flavors and savory umami. This healthy alternative to the classic meat burger patty is a vegan-friendly dish. They are healthy snacks and appetizers or part of a stand-alone lunch and dinner meal. This easy burger patty recipe is best paired with red wine.

Curried Lamb

Curried Lamb Recipe

Wondering how to cook lamb in a new way? This recipe is perfect for those adventurous people who want to try a new and exciting flavor profile. This recipe is for lunch and dinner and can be a great meal idea for the family. It is an easy dish that is easy to prepare. A yummy meal idea that is perfect for events and parties as well.

Pork and rice skillet

Pork and Rice Skillet

Tired of the same lunch and dinner ideas? Worry no more, here is a cool idea to turn boring rice into an exciting meal. This budget-friendly meal is an easy twist on an ordinary rice dish. This pork sirloin recipe is a great meal idea for the family. It’s cheesy flavor will make the kids ask for more. A quick recipe for lunch that can be made by busy moms and people on the go, even as an on-the-spot rice dinner recipe.