Citrusy Pepper Steak and Onions

Citrusy Pepper Steak and Onions

Having a busy night?  Raise your hands if you love a delicious and easy pepper steak and onions recipe? A beef sirloin with sweet caramelized onion recipe — a perfect combination to satisfy your palate.

You can use fresh oranges and orange juice to get a citrusy flavor. You can also substitute pineapples for diced mango and a bit of mango juice. Adding grated ginger will also add a heated spicy flavor. A good drizzle of sesame oil will also enhance the flavor profile of the dish. We like seasoned sesame oil in this dish especially. You can pair this with a bowl of great steamed jasmine rice or a bowl of Thai-style fried rice for an excellent combination.

Adding some shiitake mushrooms and snow peas will give this simple recipe a nice vibrant color and fresh flavor. However, you are free to add some heat to this dish if you want chili heat in this quick stir fry.

One of the great tips to have a perfect stir-fry is to keep stirring it to avoid burning the sauce.

Serve up this delicious pepper steak and onions with a full-bodied red wine. Popular Cabernet Sauvignon comes from Bordeaux, Napa, and Australia. But, South African Cab Sauv should be also on your list. The region’s climate creates a balanced but full-bodied red wine — ripe with moderate alcohol content with an equal level of acidity. It can match and the tanginess and savoriness of this beef dish.

You may also want to try other South African full-bodied red wines:

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