Creamy Apple and Onion Canapes

Creamy Apple and Onion Canapes

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How to make onion and cheese canape

Wine Pairing​

Delicious and easy canapes that you can serve as a wonderful bite-sized snack recipe. An excellent way to start an easy family dinner is to devour a tasty appetizer.

Appetizers, or starters, whether hot or cold, are generally the first course or introduction to a meal. They are especially nice with dinner. These bites have a creamy custard that will delight your guests.

Canapés are usually tiny open-faced sandwiches. They are constructed from a base, a spread, and one or more garnishes. The most common canapé base is a thin slice of bread cut into an interesting shape and toasted. Although almost any variety of bread can be used. Spiced, herbed, or otherwise flavored pieces of bread may be great with some spreads or garnishes.  Whatever item is used, the base must be strong enough to support the weight of the spread and garnish without falling apart when handled. The pastry crusts in this recipe fit that bill.

You may optionally substitute the onions in this dish for red or yellow bell peppers. Bell pepper is a great substitute as it adds a wonderful aroma to the canape. Smoked salmon would also be great in this recipe.

If you can’t find brie in your local grocery, then the best substitutes are camembert or explorateur cheese that have a similar flavor profile as brie.

There are several types of apples in the market, but I suggest using one of the following:

Granny Smith Apples
Golden Delicious

Pop a bottle of white wine and pair with this easy canapes recipe for a tasty dining experience. Try these suggestions:

  • Trebbiano
  • Garganega
  • Melon de Bourgogne
  • Vermentino
  • Muscadet

Do you want a more personalized wine recommendation? Use Winosity’s wine recommendation engine and wine journal app to find a wine that suits you.

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