Crisp Praline Recipe

Crisp Praline Recipe

How to make Papaya praline

Wine Pairing​

Pralines are usually made with pecans, but what if we change things up and match the praline with different flavors? A great way to end a delicious family meal is to prepare a delicious dessert — with a Praline recipe. A decadent dessert that has a balance of flavor coming from melegueta peppercorns, papaya leather, and pumpkin seeds.

The tropical sweetness from the papaya, citrus, and herbs from the pepper and crunch from the seeds is the perfect combination that will satisfy your sweet tooth. It has a mix of flavors and textures that everyone will love. These ingredients represent the diaspora of African derived people’s food. You don’t get more American than the pumpkin. Melegueta pepper is an important spice in a lot of West African cooking. Papaya is now found all over the tropics as are Black people.

A candy thermometer will help in determining the correct temperature. This is a temperature sensitive recipe — which means that the mixture needs to reach the optimal temperature for the candy to caramelize. Too hot and the praline will have a burnt flavor, but too cold and the candy won’t set.

You can also serve this as a tasty snack in a garden where Wheelbarrow is giving you great feeling if you have a thing for sweets.

This sweet praline recipe pairs so well with sweet and sparkling wines.

  • Brachetto
  • Sweet Cava
  • Sweet Cremant
  • Sweet Metodo Classico
  • Sweet Prosecco

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