Crispy Deep-Fried Salmon

Crispy Deep Fried Salmon

Fish and chips are basically the best order in any restaurant. Beer battered fish is a classic pub food dish made with fresh fish that’s dipped into a batter of flour, eggs, beer, and seasoning. Then it’s fried until it’s crispy and golden brown on the outside and flaky on the inside.

This might seem like a dish that’s tough to make at home. But, it’s quite simple. The important bit is getting the timing right so that everyone gets a hot piece fried salmon.

Recipe Notes

Make sure there’s no skin on the salmon. No matter how crispy the outside is, the skin gets slimy. Use a sharp knife to get underneath the skin. Once you get it started, just pull the skin back while holding the skinned section down.

You can use frozen or fresh salmon with this recipe. But, make sure the salmon is fully thawed and at room temperature before you batter and fry it. Let it sit on the counter for 15 minutes, but cover it. If you don’t let the fish thaw completely, you might end up with raw fish in the middle.

Pat the salmon dry to get rid of any moisture. This will also help the fish cook evenly. If you cook wet fish, the moist sections won’t cook at the same rate as the drier parts. So, some parts of your filet will be mushy while others will be tough.

Salt the fish on both sides before you batter it. Even if your batter is well-seasoned, the fish itself will be bland without salting.

Make sure your oil is good and hot before frying the fish. You want oil to be about 350 degrees when you add the fish. This will make sure the batter develops a firm crust on the outside.

Serve this with crunchy potato chips or fries a big spoonful of tartar sauce and lemon wedges. Malted vinegar is also a classic condiment with this dish.

Wine Pairing​ for Deep Fried Salmon

You can savor this recipe with a glass of light white wine. You want a wine with good acid. Just like lemon is great on fish, so are bright wines. Pick a young, dry wine that hasn’t seen a lot of time in oak.

Pinot blanc is a good wine to pair with this deep-fried salmon recipe. It usually tastes like green apple and sometimes almonds. It is light-bodied, and is often described as zippy. Zippy usually means it’s a high acid wine. There may also be a hint of smoke in this wine depending on where it was grown.

Pinot blanc is known as pinot bianco in Italy. The wines made there are among the most fresh and light expressions of this grape. They also don’t use oak on most pinot bianco wines.

This grape hails from Burgundy, but more of the variety is grown in Alsace in northern France. It’s sometimes used to make Cremant d’Alsace, which is a sparkling wine. These are very fresh wines with nutty undertones. That would be a good choice with this dish too. Fried things and sparkling wine always go well together.

Pinot blanc isn’t as well known as other white wine grapes such as chardonnay, pinot gris or sauvignon blanc. Maybe the people eating with you haven’t heard of this grape before. So, this could be a fun way to try a new wine. We have listed several good options below.

Still or sparkling versions of these white wines would be wonderful with this recipe. Here are our top choices:

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Pinot Gris
  • Vermentino

Do you want a more personalized wine recommendation? Use Winosity’s wine recommendation engine and wine journal app to find a wine that suits you.

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