Crusty Cornbread with Pork Cracklins

Wine Pairing​

Now let’s talk about the wines. We have two Vermouth. These are
flavored wines with grape-based spirits added. They’re herbaceous
and powerful, great wines to wake your palette to a meal.

The first is from the San Joaquin Valley in central California. This is the
largest wine region in the state. It’s hot and dry in the valley, so hearty
grapes grow best there.

Orange Muscat, the primary grape in this American Vermouth, thrives there. Since
that is done we need to pick our wine. This grape is known for its
orange aromas and flavors. There are some baking spice
characteristics in this wine, likely from the herbs added when aging it.

Our second Vermouth is from northern Spain and is a family recipe
dating back to the early 1900s. The primary grapes in this are Doña
Blanca and Godello. These grapes are aromatic on their
own. But, then over 40 herbs are added to this sipping
Vermouth. One eater went to every wine store in town
looking for this bottle. It’s that interesting and refreshing.

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