Delicious Mexican Burrito

Delicious Mexican Burrito — Easiest Recipe in Town!

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Wine Pairing​

Mexican Burrito is one of the most popular Mexican foods in the United States. Burrito is a Spanish term that means “little donkey.” However, donkey meat was never a popular ingredient in this famous dish. The history of burrito and how it got its name is quite interesting to consider.

There are so many stories about how the burrito name came to be — but these are just stories and there is only limited evidence backing them. The burrito’s first appearance was in the 1900s where it was sold from a donkey cart during the Mexican revolution. This quick and easy food item quickly became popular.

The term burrito was popular in Guanajuato in Mexico. There are a bunch of articles backing this story — the idea that they originated in Guanajuato seems to be the most likely.

Regardless of the funny history of how Mexican burrito came to be. It certainly caught on quickly and has evolved a great deal since it was first created. A flavor-bomb meal with rice, beans, meat, cheese, vegetables, and sauces wrapped up in a tortilla.

Shitake mushrooms are a good source of protein. They would be a tasty addition to this dish. You can also add a good teaspoon of the best barbecue sauce in town. You can mix and match your burrito filling to your liking. Imagination and creativity are all you need.

Be sure to drain off any excess moisture from the pork mixture before folding it into the tortillas. Soggy tortillas are the worst. Then you’re filling break out of the burrito when you bite into it.

Wines and burritos make great a pairing if you know which to choose. Here are some of the top light red wines you can drink while devouring a delicious burrito:

  • Counoise
  • Carignan
  • Pinot Noir
  • Grenache

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