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Discounts on Wine

Discounts on Wine from Winosity

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Updated November 8, 2020
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Use Winosity’s wine recommendation engine to find a wine that suits you. We guarantee you will find a wine you love.


Use Winosity’s wine tasting note feature to keep track of the wines gems you find.

Available on Android, Apple and the web.

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With Winosity you can:

1. Find value wines in just a few minutes. The recommendation engine is based on your wine price and taste preferences.

2. Find wines with the flavors that you like. You can browse our list of 500,000 wines so you can search for the flavors and styles you like best. 

3. No more information overload. Find wines you’ll love without having to sift through mounds of information. We provide ten recommendations based on your preferences. You can further filter additional criteria if you want.

Why Winosity?

Keep track of wines you love no matter where you encounter them

Restaurants, a friend’s house, the grocery. You can find wine gems in many places. Winosity let’s you document these wines quickly and easily, even while on the go.

Share your wine gems with your friends.

Post your wine finds on social media, via text or email right inside the app.

Keep track of what you love about your wine gems

Was it a specific flavor, aroma, the body? No matter what characteristic you found that you loved, you can track it on Winosity.

Find other wines you might like

Review wine gems from others with similar palates to you. Our standardized approach to categorizing wine means that you’ll know what the wine should taste like even if you haven’t tasted it yourself.

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