Drunken Peach Pie Recipe

Drunken Peach Pie Recipe

How to make Drunken Peach Pie with Sherry & using fresh peaches

Wine Pairing​

Looking for a tried-and-true, fresh and easy peach recipe? A mouthwatering, sweet dessert with peach filling surrounded by a perfect fool-proof perfect pie crust. This is the perfect peach pie recipe!

Peaches come in a number of varieties. The most common are white peaches, which are sweeter, while yellow ones tend to be tarter. This recipe was tested with the yellow version.

Some people say the difference between a cobbler and a pie is the dough. Cobbler dough is more like biscuits, spongy, and soft. And the pie crust is crispy and flaky. Others say that anything that isn’t round is a cobbler. Nevertheless, this recipe takes on a spongy and square-shape route and we’re calling it a pie.

Serve this delicious sweet dessert recipe with the best sweet wines.

  • Sweet Muscat
  • Port
  • Sherry
  • Riesling

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