5 recipes and 8 wine pairings based on recipes from B. Smith

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family meal

Join me each month while I challenge myself to take inspiration from different cultures, cuisines and wines to cook feasts that make my friends say wow!


Family Meal is about exploring food from different places and different times to understand how people make awesome food with what they have.

For our first season, we are cooking from vintage African-American cookbooks.

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Recipes with wine pairings for every wine lover

  • Creamy Grape Smoothie
    Looking for a creamy and delicious grape smoothie recipe? This snack smoothie is an excellent afternoon snack idea for the entire family. A cold and refreshing low-carb recipe for all occasions. You can add a half cup of fruity white wine to this fruit smoothie recipe.
  • Healthy Grilled Chicken Salad
    This easy grilled chicken salad has the perfect amount of creaminess that melts in your mouth. This delicious chicken recipe is a perfect light lunch and dinner for those who are on a low-calorie diet and for those who want to eat a lighter meal at dinner. Savor this tasty recipe with a good white wine as a refreshing accompaniment and to enhance your meal.
  • Crusty Pan-Fried Bread
    A pan-fried bread recipe made with simple pantry ingredients. A versatile bread alternative. An afternoon snack idea worth trying. A yeastless bread recipe that you can prepare in under 20 minutes. A quick snack that you can savor with a perfect bottle of rosé wine.

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