seasoned salt

Seasoned Salts

This seasoned salt recipe for the Malinda Russell inspired Family Meal.

Seasoned salts are easy to make, last a long time and add a touch of class to your next gathering. They versatile, too. Just replace the spice fennel seeds with the spice of your choice. For our wine party, we had juniper and oregano-lemon zest as well.

The sky’s the limit on herbs you can use. Yes, garlic, onion, oregano and basil are options. But, why not try mint, sumac or lime zest?

If you use fresh herbs, let the salt air dry for 24 hours. Then, flake up any clumps that formed from the wet herbs.

These salts have so many uses. In the episode of Family Meal, we used them on seasoning for savory fried donuts. But they’d be good on:

  • popcorn
  • meat as a marinade
  • a bloody mary rim
  • french fries
  • deviled eggs
  • grilled vegetables
  • and more!

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