Smoked Cream Dip & Salsify Recipe

Smoked Cream & Salsify Dip Recipe

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How to make smoked cream and salsify recipe: A tasty dip recipe

Wine Pairing​

Everybody loves dip recipes, right? I think this salsify recipe is a keeper. This dipping sauce recipe is smoky, a bit sour and creamy, and super tasty. A perfect dip for an afternoon snack idea or starter for your family meal.

Salsify is the starting point for this recipe. Yes, salsify. It’s a root that tastes a bit like oysters. It’ll be great in a dip with some smoked sour cream all slathered on a bit of fluffy flatbread.

A dip and bread is a classic appetizer, right? This bread course will be great with sparkling wine. Oysters and sparkling wine are a classic combo. We’ll see if this oyster flavored vegetable works with these bright wines too.

Salsify has several fun names. Jerusalem star and goatsbeard are a few. But, the best name, hands down, is Jack go to bed at noon because the plant’s edible flowers close every afternoon.

It’s a pretty easy recipe to prepare. Don’t use a food processor because you don’t accidentally want end up with a puree. The vegetables should still be chunky.

This part is a bit unique. You’re going to smoke frozen sour cream. Freeze it hard enough so that you can cut it into chunks. You can use a handheld smoker because this is such a small batch. But you can also do this with some wood chips on your grill. You can use any wood you like. A mix of hickory and apple would be perfect.  Keep the cream in smoke for about 10 minutes. That should be enough time to infuse the flavor.

A perfect dip for bread and can be savored with sparkling wines. Check these other sparkling wine suggestions.

  • Champagne
  • Prosecco
  • Cava
  • Cremant
  • Chardonnay

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