Smoked Lamb Casserole

Smoked Lamb Casserole

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How to make a smoked lamb casserole recipe you will go crazy for!

Wine Pairing​

Lamb in a delicious casserole recipe? Yes, you heard it right! This smoked lamb casserole is a perfect treat this summer season. A fancy dinner casserole recipe that will melt in your mouth as soon as it touches your palate. This isn’t your average, everyday casserole. It’s a casserole fit for a feast.

Each component has to be made separately. Then, you put it all together at the end to make a delicious casserole. The component that takes the longest time is the cheese. But, most of that time is for the aging process. Then, the rest of the recipe is easy.

Marinating the lamb helps in keeping it juicy while at the same time adding a lot of flavor. You can marinate the lamb shanks overnight. This will develop a more pronounced lamb flavor profile. Lamb shanks are pretty lean, but if you use a fattier cut of lamb, you may want to trim off some of the excess fat.

Just get this casserole up before you serve it to get everything steamy and melty. The natural juices from the lamb and the creamy cheese will melt a bit to bring everything together. And it will be perfectly delicious.

You may serve this dish with a charred romaine salad. The salad compliments well with the oily lamb dish.

Savor this smoked lamb shanks recipe with a deliciously bold red wine.

  • Petite Sirah
  • Malbec
  • Pinotage
  • Meritage

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