Comfort Food Recipes from Georgia: Family Meal, 4 Great Southern Cooks
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The Family Meal Wine Party

Memory making meals with a splash of wine!

Maybe you’re like me. You think the best memories are made around the table. But, putting together a wine party is work. There’s the menu, the cooking, the wine, Soul Food Recipes, the invites. Is it worth all that effort? I say, yes.

That’s why I created Family Meal, to make it easy for anyone to throw a great wine party. We give you the recipes, the wine, and tell you what to expect.

I base all the recipes on classic African-American dishes, the best of Black food, comfort food you can feed your friends and family, so you can make a memory-making meal.

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Wine Party Recipes from Family Meal

Fried Fresh Corn

Oh what a treat! Just love this sweet addictive stuff!! This is an awesome recipe the family will love. It’s a very healthy meal.

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