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Curtis Aikens

Curtis Aikens | How to make a vegetable focused wine party | Family Meal by Winosity

Do you remember the Green Grocer from the Food Network? Curtis Aikens was one of the Food Network’s first celebrity chefs. This page is all about his recipes, and pairing them with wine.

Curtis was one of the original celebrity chefs on the Food Network. His show first aired in 1988, the same year the network started.

Chef Curtis grew up in Georgia, near his grandfather who was an avid gardener. So, Curtis’s love of garden-fresh food started when he was very young. 

After he graduated from high school, he worked in the produce department at A&P Market in Conyers Georgia. Later he for Dom’s Wholesale and the famous Balducci’s in New York. 

Curtis also ran his own produce companies, one in the Bay Area called Peaches and one in Georgia called Aiken’s Family Produce. And he published 4 cookbooks. There’s a theme in all of them about fresh and healthy eating. Today, Curtis is a regular cast member on Good Morning American and Home and Family on ABC.

Today’s cookbook, Greengrocer’s Guide, is his first, from 1991. It has over 100 recipes that are all produce-focused. It also tells you how to pick the best fruits and vegetables. Using fresh and in-season produce is one of the best things you can do to level up your cooking. So, you should check out his recommendations.

I picked 4 recipes from the book and riffed on them. You can see each one below along with the suggested wines to enjoy with this menu. for this episode. So let’s get into the dishes we’ll be sampling today and the wine pairings that go with them. 

Melon Soup

chilled melon soup

Tuna and Butter Bean Salad on Toast

tuna and butter bean salad on toast

Deep Dish Chicken Pizza Pie

Deep dish chicken pizza pie

Orange muffins

orange muffins 2

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