vertamae grosvenor

Vertamae Smart Grosvenor

Today we’re talking about a cult classic: Vibration Cooking. People love it because of its low country-inspired recipes and because of the charismatic writer Ms. Vertamae herself.

She may be one of the most important culinary griots you’ve never heard of.

Let’s get into five recipes inspired by her and some delicious wine pairings.

Ready or not, it’s Family Meal.

Family Meal menus 2

You could call Vertamae Smart Grosvenor a food griot. She was a cultural guardian of Geechee culture and of African-American food traditions in general.

Vibration Cooking has dishes from her childhood, but also of all the interesting people she met through her life. From the low country to Paris to New York.

She called it Afro-Atlantic cooking, the foods that Black people made on both sides of the ocean and their relationships to each other.

She is most known as a food writer and culinary anthropologist, but she was also an actress and NPR commentator.

If you’ve read the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook, there are similarities. For me, both books are about the way well-cooked food and a well-lived life are intertwined.

I think that’s why these recipes made for such a memory-making meal.


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