Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

Spiced Pumpkin Cookies

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Wine Pairing​

These gluten-free pumpkin cookies are pleasantly spiced. Everyone will enjoy the soft, perfectly moist, and cake-like texture of this easy pumpkin recipe. These are probably the softest, fluffiest pumpkin cookies you’ll ever taste. They are like little pumpkin pillows that melt in your mouth and urge you to take another bite. You can enjoy these cookies all year round.

While commonly viewed as a vegetable, pumpkin is actually a fruit. That said, it’s nutritionally more similar to vegetables than fruit. Aside from high Vitamin A content, pumpkins contain antioxidants that may reduce chronic diseases.

Pumpkin is delicious, versatile, and easy to add to your diet. It can be baked, steamed, fried, and even grilled. This pumpkin cookies recipe is perfect for people who want to try and explore other types of cookies. They are also great if you love pumpkin spiced foods in general.

This recipe is designed to use gluten-free flour. However, you may use all-purpose flour or cake flour in the absence of almond flour. If you are adventurous, then you can add a vanilla frosting to your pumpkin cookies or add 1/4 cup of raisins or dried cranberries.

These spiced cookies will be a big hit with your friends and family, especially if you pair it with rosé wine. Here are the top picks!

  • Saignee Method Rosé
  • Tempranillo Rosé
  • Bandol Rosé

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