Easy and Delicious Sushi Rolls

Sushi Rolls — The Easiest Recipe To Make Sushi

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Wine Pairing​

Delicious sushi rolls are perhaps the ultimate Japanese food. The history of sushi dates back to ancient times, where it is surrounded by legends and folklore. But sushi isn’t just an ancient food. Sushi making is constantly evolving across the globe even today.

Modern sushi chefs are introducing new ingredients and serving styles to attract the attention of the public. Traditional Nigiri sushi is still served throughout the United States. However, rolls wrapped in Nori sheets have gained popularity over the past few years. Creative additions reflect a Western influence that sushi enthusiasts love. Even vegetarians can now enjoy modern vegetable-style sushi rolls.

Sushi is prepared by wrapping up fillings in rice and nori (or seaweed) sheets. This recipe shows you how to make a basic and delicious Makizushi roll. The filling can be made with a wide-range of ingredients from sweet to savory fillings.

Rolls are versatile when it comes to fillings and flavorings. Along with sushi rice and sheets of nori, rolls require only a few ingredients. You can use fruits as a filling for the sushi rolls. For example, apples, cucumbers, pears, and slices of crispy bacon to create a wonderful texture.

Here’s a quick tip if you don’t have a sushi bamboo mat; you can use a clean tea towel to carefully roll the sushi and voila! You can get the same result. Just don’t press too hard when rolling.

This sushi roll recipe is perfect to pair with light white wines. Here are the top suggestions:

  • Sauvignon Blanc
  • Pinot Blanc
  • Pinot Gris
  • Vermentino

You can also pair this sushi with some great cocktail mixes such as Crisp Cucumber Cocktail and Strawberry-Orange Rose Wine Cocktail.

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