Tasty Tomato Toast

Tasty Tomato Toast

Whether you make it for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, this delicious tomato toast recipe will give your day a little boost of sunshine. This is a delish appetizer recipe that you can serve as is or as a healthy snack for your friends.  Above all, the crunchiness of the toasted bread is the key to having the perfect tomato toast.

How to Make Perfect Toast

Always preheat your oven before toasting the bread. This will prevent the bread from burning. When you don’t preheat, you’re likely to leave the bread in for too long. This is one area where precision is your friend.

About six to seven minutes at 250 degrees in your oven will do the trick. Use the oven if you need to toast many slices at once. But, your countertop toaster can handle this job too.

Don’t use the microwave on this recipe except if you need to thaw out frozen bread. You can mike the frozen bread for about 10 seconds on high. Then, put it in the oven as described above.

If you prefer homemade bread to use in this recipe, you may check out our crusty herb bread recipe. Sourdough bread is also a great bread to use.

Accompaniments for Tomato Toast

Adding your favorite cheese to this toast recipe will bring all the flavors together. Most kinds of cheese will be excellent with this. It just depends on the flavor profile you’re interested in. If you want a more Italian-tasting toast, use provolone or mozzarella cheese. If you’re looking for British flair, use blue cheese. If you’re looking for something Greek, use feta. You get the idea.

Fresh herbs are also fantastic on this dish. Parsely, thyme, oregano and cilantro would all be fabulous on this toast. If you use a woody herb like rosemary, be sure to chop if up finely before adding it. Use what ever you have on hand and what’s in season.

Some additional veggies would be tasty on this toast too. Avocado and tomatoes are a classic food pairing. If you’re looking for something zestier, try adding fresh onions, shallots, or leeks.

Don’t forget cured meats. They add saltiness and smokiness to the toast. You can top with a slice of dry-cured ham, bacon crumbles, or crispy speck or prosciutto.

Try different kinds of vinegar and oils on this dish. Toast shallots in oil until they get crispy. Then you can add the shallot oil and crispy shallots to the toast. Or try an aged balsamic vinegar to add a sweet and sour note to this dish.

Don’t forget about trying different tomatoes. They are so many colors and flavors out there. Mix up the colors to make a more appetizing-looking dish. Just make sure you use tomatoes that are about the same size or cut the tomatoes down until they are the same size as each other.

How to Pick the Perfect Tomato

The best tomatoes are the ones you grow yourself. You can let the tomato get to the perfect ripeness while still on the vine. You can also plant the variety of tomatoes you like best.

If you’re using store-bought tomatoes, smell the area where the stem was. If it’s got a good tomato scent, you’re off to a good start. Just make sure that the tomato doesn’t have any bad spots and has pliable flesh. You don’t want a tomato with wrinkled skin. But you also don’t want firm, unripened tomato.

Wine Pairing​ with Tomato Toast

You can add this recipe to your next wine pairing menu. Medium-bodied red wines and a healthy tomato toast recipe are always a perfect match. Check out these wines:

  • Sangiovese
  • Merlot
  • Zinfandel
  • Cabernet Franc

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Do you want a more personalized wine recommendation? Use Winosity’s wine recommendation engine and wine journal app to find a wine that suits you.

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